Tips to Use

WinRAR is another application available for free over the internet to compress files and perform some more action. This software is the most downloaded according to experts and has been the most successful product. The archiving and data compression utility has been used since 1993 and it has been developing since then with the latest version 4.20. There are many hidden features of this tool which we will explore now:

• The most common is that it reduces the size of the file.
To enable explorer viewWinRAR interface > options > Folder Tree > Show disk folder. This option gives you to explore files from the default single pane view.
To enable detail viewoptions > file list > details. This will give the details of the file from the standard list view.
To check the amount of compression and time that will be taken in the same – select one or more file and click on info tab > then a new window will come up > first tab will show the estimate button – this gives the information on the data that will be compressed with the size and time. This feature is helpful for large files as to save time.
To split files – select a file > right click and add file to archives > tab opened – find split to file, bytes drop down menu > the files be splinted according to the bytes entered and then archive. This helps in case of big files where compression may fail after a time.
To make a self-extracting archive – click on existing file to compress > tools > convert archive to SFX.
To setup a compression profilecompression tab > select create default > select put recovery record which would help in data recovery for corrupt compressed files.
To create WinRAR for every fileselect all files > right click > click to add to archive > select file tab – put each file to separate archive.
To password protect WinRAR filesRight click on the file > click add to archive > advanced tab > set password. This will be set the compressed file with password.
To hide image filescreate an empty folder in any drive > path – c:\foldername > copy all files to the folder and add to folder name > delete all original files > now copy any image to the folder > start – run – cmd – change prompt to c:\foldername using cd\\ > now type COPY /b image file name (copied later to folder) + foldername.rar picture.jpg > this will create an image that contains all your image.
To compress and emailoptions > settings > integration > click on the context menus > right click on the file and click on compress and email. This helps to check the settings for email.

The above mentioned tricks and tips of WinRAR work on every operating system and help you use the resources optimally. You may download the trial version to get familiar to its working and then download the full version which gives you all the functionality to play and fiddle around it so that you can learn and gather some mastery.