Recovery Toolbox for RAR

Often, when you are about to complete your download of a .RAR file, the internet connection breaks, and your download is uncompleted. Similarly, a .RAR file is not completely or properly copied on a drive, or a corrupt file will not open properly. Is such cases, software like WinRAR gives an error saying that the file inside is either damaged or corrupted. When this happens, there is no other way then to download again or recopy the .RAR file again, which could be painstakingly time consuming. In many such cases, one knows that a part of the file was downloaded completely and that is that part you needed most, but due to restrictions by WinRAR, you cannot open it.

However, there is a way to that, finally. Recovery Toolbox for RAR is new software that is a repair tool for uncompleted RAR files, which would not open under normal circumstances. This tool repairs the archives that are corrupted. These files are open normally as RAR archives, allowing users to access the critical data. The software works for all windows platform starting from Windows 98, and supports all versions till Vista. A new updated version is also available for windows 7. The software enables accessing to files on any media, including Hard-drives, USB and DVDs. Files available over the internet could also be accessed using this software. The software is made available to download for free, as it is created as a shareware. There are demo versions available to download from multiple sites.

A recent updated version of this software was released, which has further technical improvements, including the repairing the corrupted or damaged archives themselves. In the previous version, one could access the file inside the damaged versions, but this new updated version will let you repair the files, CRC checksums. The software allows the used to decompress all the available files in one place and also help users find what files could be saved in the archive. The structure of the compressed documents is also saved along with the retrieving of damaged files of different formats that are supported by the software. There is no requirement for any additional settings, as mentioned above; it could be used as a normal RAR extractor.

The developers of the software believed that since the WinRAR software are used worldwide and this problem of corrupt archive is very common, so a solution to this problem was much needed. The company that created the software has been providing data recovery services since 2003. The software is built with a friendly user interface and there is no need to add any extra parameters to start the software. The access to the files is pretty straightforward and no one requires any extra technical skills to operate it, despite the facts that the task being performed by the software is quite technical itself. All the users have to do is to find the particular file they are looking for and provide a path where the files are to be extracted.