WinRAR vs WinZip

The latest version released by WinZip is 9.0 with better security options. The security and reliability of the tool has been fixed with this version. The tool that is used for compression of files has been enhanced to a faster rate to compute the work. The Zip format helps to compress one or more files for downloading, emailing or transferring faster to save time and memory.


One more refined version from WinRAR is the version 4.20 that was released last year. The speed has been improved up to three times. This uses the SMP which is based on multiprocessor usage in which two or more processors are connected to the main memory by an OS instance. The new version uses less memory than the previous versions and the compatibility issues have been removed. This helps to use shared memory to enhance the speed of compression. It supports all formats with the RAR and ZIP extensions to archive.

Differences between WinZip and WinRAR

Through WinZip, you can open or create files with the extension of .zip whereas WinRAR is meant for extensions of .rar. WinRAR also has the additional resource to open .zip files but unfortunately, WinZip does not have that feature. It is also useful for opening .tar.gz and .iso formats, something which is not at all possible in WinZip.

Some people like a clean and straight to the point interface and hate when the GUI is developed in a very cluttered and disorganized way. For these people, WinRAR is a much better option.

Not all people have English as their primary language. The Spanish, Chinese and French population is quite huge around the world. Besides these, there are several other languages, like Danish, which people like to configure their systems with. In cases like these, WinRAR get the edge above WinZip as it comes with 45 different languages. WinZip on the other hand is available in a mere 5 languages only. Of course, this is not big a deal you may think; but it does create a huge difference for people who do not prefer instructions in English.

WinRAR also offers many additional features when it comes to file installations for any software. It allows the customization of icons along with the licensing details. This feature is not present with WinZip.

Cost wise, there is hardly a difference of $0.5, so it can be ignored.


Both WinZip and WinRAR are software that does almost the same work but with some additional features here and there. If you require software just so that you can create an open file extensions with .zip, you do not need any of them. This feature has been enabled by default in Windows since the arrival of Windows ME, back in 2000. Then again, if you want most of the other features available but you feel a bit reluctant to buy the entire package as you wish to get some hands on, you can easily go to the internet and get 7-zip, which is an open source program exclusively for Windows.