About latest version WinRAR 4.20

Another successful edition from WinRAR is the version 4.20 that was released last year. The new version uses less memory than the previous ones and the compatibility issues have been eradicated. The speed has been improved up to three times. This uses the SMP which is based on multiprocessor usage in which two or more processors are connected to the main memory by an OS instance. This helps to use shared memory to enhance the speed of compression. It supports all formats with the RAR and ZIP extensions to archive.


The main improvement made, is in the multi core access where the compression rate has been increased with the quad core generation processors. As described earlier, the speed has been kept in focus so as to match with the processor and reduce the time frame.

• The memory requirements have been increased to more than 100 MB as compared to previous version.
• Find files have been enabled in zip archive.
• Save current settings button in advanced SFX options has been made available for converting existing files.
• The NTFS file format attribute has been enabled for storage.
• Any file size like more than 2GB can be zipped with this version.
• It helps in creating multivolume ZIP archives.
• The precision rate has been increased.
• The update archive file option can be disabled via this path – settings> viewer> ignore modifications for option can be used.
• Now different types of size units can be selected from the drop down list of volume size.
• The predefined sizes have been modified to the maximum of FAT32 file.
• To delete encrypted files, one has to securely enable the option Wipe files if a password is set.
• To delete temporary files more securely, one requires to enable the option- settings> security> wipe temporary file> encrypted only.
• To skip the convert encrypted archives as previous version, you need to enable – convert archives> skip encrypted archives.

Comparison with Previous Versions

Version 4.10:
Archive size issue
Convert archive issue
Encrypt file deletion issue
Setup program option

Version 4.01:
Binary size format issue
Repair commands reconstruct failure
Do not extract paths default option automatic enable issue.
Password prompt error
Wizard command failure for self extract
WinRAR failure for display of non English characters

Version 4.00:
Decompression speed
UDF ISO file format issue
Password dialog issue
Use for all archives option missing
Unicode names issue
No extraction option
Limits maximum volume size
Password request two times.
No background extraction option
Renaming file issue
Wrong info details

Version 3.93:
Background switch command issue

Version 3.92:
Context menu command issue
Compress and email subject missing
Unexpected end of archive error
Delete archive issue

Version 3.91:
Save button error
Incorrect file name display while browsing

This was a short description on an ideal, bug-free and improved edition of WinRAR 4.20. This version has come up with almost all errors fixed and has been made as user friendly as possible. Try using the free version of it in order to get a feel for yourself.