Files tend to occupy a lot of space on the hard drive and in many cases it is impossible to send them via e-mail because they are too big. For this use and for any other type of needs where files should be compressed under one single object the solution is to use a powerful file achiever. WinRAR has proved to be one of the reliable sources and it is totally shareware. The developer Eugene Roshal wanted to make a really useful utility that would compress data and share files with ease. The release of this software was in 1993 and it is currently distributed by Ron Dwight. The program can create achieves RAR with ease with the help of its coding system. The brother of Eugene, Alexander is also involved in the process by running the business entirely.

It is true that around the internet there are also other free compression utilities to choose from. However, the shareware feature of WinRAR free download offers features and a facile use. This will make the program a useful top comprehension solution. It is flexible and can be used by everyone because of its intuitive interface. Each new user must only browse over the icons in order to see how they work. There are also many themes from which a person can choose in order to make it easier for them. The folder tree will allow users to shift through panels and find the needed file with extreme ease. There is the possibility to view the size of the archive and people say that the compression ratio is better than that of the ZIP with almost 15%. This is why many users prefer this archive program. Inside it there is also a virus scanner and also tweaks that will work on more advanced operating systems like Vista.

Major features

There are many features which are considered to be of great use and which users find really useful. Here are the main ones.

• Support for nearly all types of archives from RAR, ZIP to ACE, ISO, JAR and so on.
• extract and split archives with ease
• the function of recovery of damaged archives
• support for NTFS and Unicode files
• archive encryption by using a 128 bit key
• supports WinRAR Unplugged which is the portable version of WinRAR
• recognizes multimedia files and selects the compression method which is the most efficient
• splits archives and allows multiple-disk saving
• easy to send through the web dues to the technology of authenticated signature
• a 40 day trial in which the users can test it and only if they are pleased they will buy it
• valid license for all languages and versions
• the possibility to combine versions in order to meet your needs
• use for any archive downloaded with bittorrent client online

The latest version of WinRAR free download is 4.20. Unlike the other versions, this one has loads of new stuff and fixes. With every version there is a clear improvement in how the developers see and conceive the program. Some of the changes that appear in this program are stated below.

Compression changes

There has been a real optimization in terms of algorithm of general compression. In this way, the use will be better with many processor cores. There is also some more speed and it is adaptable even with the computers which have one processor. The speed will greatly depend on the types of data and the file size. If the computer has more cores, the compression will be faster even with larger files. There is also an increase in the requirements related to memory. The program will take now 120MB, while the previous version takes only 40MB.

The algorithm of compression is not capable of using some CPU cores with great efficiency. In order to prevent this from happening the developers have decided to simply eliminate the text algorithm. If a person needs the maximum compression rate they can enable the compression of text. This can be done from the advance features of the program. This option can be changed to act as default. The good part is that now, unlike the 4.11 version, there are many more cores which are supported by the program.


The algorithm of general decompression is better, than but not as good as the compression speed. The decompression will not work on several cores and the number of them will not affect the performance of the program.

The ZIP compression

In the case of the ZIP compression, there are more cores to be supported and in this way the performance will increase together with the number of cores. If there is only one CPU, the compression speed is faster. Also the memory use for this type of compression has been increased to 15MB.

Recovery volume

The process of processing and creating recovery volumes has improves in speed thanks to CPU cores. In normal cases the limiting factor for such actions is related to the seek speed of the hard drive. In this case there was a noticeable gain in speed in the case of solid state hard drive.


The command which finds files will search them in the archives 7-Zip. This is an important upgrade as previously there was no possibility to search in the .7z format. A downside for the users of Windows 2000 is that the WinRAR modules will not be supported on the operating system. When converting an archive to SFX, there is the option to save the settings under the dialog box of advanced options designed for SFX. The action of saving the changes will only be applied to the conversion related to SFX operation. For creating an SFX archive the options use will be that of the default profile.

The whole idea of WinRAR free download is really versatile and people use it a lot. Even if in the beginning it seemed rather difficult, but also very useful to compress file, now people do it on current basis. It is much easier to transport or send files while having the security that the encoding system will work perfectly.